Anne Roumanoff: her astonishing hair metamorphosis


The famous French humorist Anne Roumanoff is the mother of two daughters, Alice and Marie, born of her marriage to her producer Philippe Vaillant, from whom she separated in 2016. A divorce on which she confided in the columns of Télé 7 days in November 2022. “I never tell my life in my shows. I take elements that I transform”, she had declared and added: “Twenty-five years of common life, it does not scratch a stroke of the pen. Divorce is still a trauma. Everyone experiences it differently. As far as I’m concerned, it was like a renewal, the beginning of a new life”.

Today, the children of the 57-year-old star have grown up well. At Femme Actuelle in 2021, Anne Roumanoff had poured out her family life and the constraints linked to her work when her daughters were small. “I felt very guilty about leaving them for a long time, then I overcompensated when I was there. Now they are living their lives and everything is fine. I am happy to be back on stage. We marvel at each new date that comes up. adds”, she said and continued: “I have observed that in this phase of resuming normal activity, there are two types of people: those who have difficulty restarting, who drag their feet, and those who are on their toes. Obviously, as a hyperactive person, I’m quite annoyed by those who sleep on their feet.”

This jack-of-all-trades has embarked on a film project. His film What are we going to do with you mom? will retrace the life with humor and tenderness of a newly divorced 50-year-old woman. While waiting to find her on the big screen, Planet offers you an anthology of her hair evolution throughout her career.