Garden shed tax: how much will you pay in 2023?


Bad news for homeowners: taxes are getting heavier at the start of the year. The development tax, which only concerns garden constructions of more than 5m2 or those whose height exceeds 1m80, increases by almost 8%. This is the 7th price increase since its implementation in March 2012: at the beginning of 2022, it increased by almost 7%.

Paid only once after installation, the development tax is part of any outdoor installation subject to authorization, such as garden sheds, outdoor dwellings, small houses, garages or even bungalows. Thus, this local tax is indexed to the construction cost index.

Concretely, this increase will increase the price of the tax to 1004 euros (against 929 euros in 2022) for owners of real estate in Île-de-France. For the rest of France, it amounts to 886 euros, nearly 60 euros more than in 2022. To calculate the exact amount, simply multiply the fixed base by the surface of your garden shed then by the rates voted by the local authorities (municipal, departmental and regional rates).

You can access the government’s online simulator in the Gard, you will have to pay the sum of 669.81 euros. If you live in Île-de-France, the bill will amount to more than 833 euros for a construction of the same surface.