“It’s at the last minute for a further 5 to 6 million euros from a Thomas Cook Belgium, the United Kingdom, are sent. The launch of the Belgian activity in this way”, says Hans De Meyer, on behalf of the trustees of the Thomas Cook Belgium. “We would like to know if you have the initiative to me. The questions can be found in the directors liable.”

The companies were in what’s called a ‘cash pile’ with the rest of the group. the idea is that, if one branch is temporarily is money to be had, and any other entity with money to spare, the first means the money had to be borrowed, but on the groepspot was the first to fall back on. The Cash pooling system, which is entirely legal, it does well in good times, but it is dangerous in the worst of times. The cash cost was for one or two days after the failure in Britain has been stopped, but in the meantime, the money was gone.

With the 5 or 6 million euros in cash at Thomas Cook Belgium, had for the time being continue to operate under the regulations of the protection against creditors, and, in the meantime, quietly and with potential investors to discuss go-around. Now, there was no other option than to file for bankruptcy, to ask the questions.
More about the Thomas Cook-Miss candidates still have to travel, but to drop out, Thomas Cook will cost the organisation a lot of money, the Curators Thomas Cook to the end of the next week in order to plan for the future is to work in the Bankruptcy, Thomas Cook, makes a trip to the sun is (much) more expensive women sekstoeristen to History: the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook let themselves be felt around the world