Shortage of biscuits and salmonella: the list of products concerned


Mustard, oil and now biscuits… Stock shortages and shortages are becoming more and more frequent on the shelves of our supermarkets. Indeed, since the beginning of 2022, various events have followed one another, favoring this type of phenomenon.

Between the war in Ukraine and the drought, supplies of several products were threatened. Yet today, none of these events are responsible for potential stock shortages that could affect the cookie industry.

Indeed, several brands of cakes particularly appreciated by the French should be more difficult to find for a while. It is Mondelez, a giant in the field, which is affected by another problem that is also well known to consumers.

Contacted by retail specialist Olivier Dauvers, the biscuit industry giant’s consumer service department said the problem follows the shutdown of a factory in Belgium to carry out “a major cleaning”.

“Our cocoa supplier alerted us to the possible presence of salmonella”, explains the company. Thus, after the Kinder scandal that occurred a few months ago, Mondelez preferred to temporarily halt its production.

However, no recall is planned and the group assures Olivier Dauvers: “You can consume without worry the products that you still find on the shelves”.

For the time being, no date of return to normal has been revealed by the company. Shortages and stock shortages should still last several more months.

Here are the main brands of cookies concerned.