Winter is fast approaching. With it, the cold, the loss of light and greater needs for gas and electricity. So much so that power cuts are to be feared in the coming months, in particular because of the difficulties in supplying energy.

To prevent this risk, the EcoWatt device launched an “electricity weather forecast” two years ago where it lists the departments where the electrical system is stretched, involving possible power cuts.

According to figures from BFMTV, more than 300,000 people are subscribed to SMS and e-mail alerts from EcoWatt. To reach an even greater number of consumers, the device launched its smartphone application on October 19, 2022. You can find it on Google Play or on the Apple Store.

Quoted by the continuous news channel, the Electricity Transmission Network (RTE) said: “As winter approaches, the arrival of the EcoWatt mobile application allows those who wish to obtain real-time information on the balance of the electrical system and, if they can, take simple actions to reduce consumption and avoid power cuts on tense days”.

Thanks to the notifications of the mobile application, you will be able to be informed when your department is in orange or red signal up to three days before the days of tension. You will also receive an alert on the voltage time slots on the day in question. You don’t have to do anything except set up your notifications!