Due to a dispute in the asylum accommodation on the site of the plane’s nest Fürstenfeldbruck, the police is engaged to a large-scale operation. A 22-year-old woman had to leave after a dispute with a Security researcher did not calm down, the police was alerted.

during the officials, the incident recordings, was born in the neighboring room there is a further dispute between the affected family and the security service employees. The 22-year-old Nigerian resident of the offended party, according to the police, the Security employee, and would not calm down. That is why the police didn’t want to take the woman into custody.

Up to 100 residents showed solidarity to the information of the police with the woman. They threw objects at the officers and security staff, also Windows and doors had been damaged. Up to five security staff were injured. In addition, residents would have triggered approximately 100 Times the fire alarm in the accommodation. Only through a large number of police, the situation could be calmed on Tuesday until midnight.

It is a damage of 10,000 Euro.

The damage was estimated at around 10,000 euros. The Nigerian was brought together with her husband and child in the arrival of the centre of Munich. The future accommodation is currently being tested.

The police are now investigating on suspicion of various criminal offences, e.g. Dangerous bodily injury, assault, threat, damage to property and abuse of emergency calls. Currently, the offence of trespassing and the Acquisition of property, plant and processing by the police is tested Fürstenfeldbruck.