A storm is approaching, but this time it is not rain or wind but magnetic storms. It will not be limited to a department or even a country, the entire Earth will be affected.

On Saturday January 30, the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) satellite detected a solar flare. This was followed by a bulletin from NASA’s SWPC (Space weather prediction center) dated Monday, January 31, which specifies that “multiple analyzes carried out by forecasters indicated an arrival on Earth from the end of February 1 to the beginning of February 2.” It is also revealed that “all geomagnetic storm conditions are likely to persist until February 3 at weakening levels”, as reported by Midi Libre.

This storm, classified as “moderate” by the SWPC, is the first of the year. It results from a new cycle of solar flare, into which our star has entered since the end of 2019, and which should peak around 2025.

This plasma propulsion is composed of particles electrically charged with ions and electrons. It causes an “electromagnetic storm which is now heading towards the Earth at 2.3 million km/h” indicates the Sciences et Avenir website.

Fortunately, Earth’s magnetic shield should protect us from this gas bubble. This is why the consequences should be minimal:

There is therefore no need to worry about this alert. In the future, other events of this type may cause “electrical and electromagnetic outages over large and inhabited areas,” indicates Midi Libre.