as An IT-malfunction, the production of the German sportwagenbouwer Porsche on Tuesday for a few hours resulted. The hoofdfabriek in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and the factory in Leipzig, had been taken, as reported, a spokesman said on Wednesday. The issues cease to Tuesday afternoon’s head-on.

According to the spokesperson, this was an internal issue, and that this has consequences for the production and logistics of the two plants, and it is not in order to attack it from the outside. An error in the data was at the root of the problems. Software to deal with the consequences of that failure had to be banked, had also failed.

In an e-mail to the staff and let the board know that 211 of the servers crashed and were, according to “Spiegel Online”. In the hoofdfabriek build Porsche’s sports cars, 911, 718, and its new electric model, Taycan. In Leipzig, the small SUV Macan and the four-door Panamera is built. The far-reaching impact on the production have been, it is still not clear.

for More on the Porsche, Inspectors will discover, however, is very cheap products from the Porsche, the Ferrari and the Fiat is in the shop of a wealthy Belgian social worker seriously injured after a Porsche arrive at the rescue from VW, and Porsche is calling 227.000 cars are returned due to technical issues beyond 20 million, this Porsche will need to pay, but when they got there, stated below, note: if you have stick for it