A confirmed verdict in Schaffhausen – chain saws-attacker remains in a small VerwahrungDer today, 54-Year-old handle an insurance with a dangerous weapon. The Supreme court of Schaffhausen has now confirmed the first instance judgment against him.The police have cordoned off after the rampage of the old town of Schaffhausen.(KEYSTONE/Ennio Leanza/24. July 2017)

The 54-year-old Swiss, who went off in July 2017 in Schaffhausen with a chainsaw to employees of a insurance, not to walk free. The Schaffhausen top court on Tuesday upheld the cantonal court imposed a stationary measure.

The Supreme court followed the requests of the Prosecutor’s office. Since the 54-year-old Swiss is due to his disease as completely incompetent, said the court, no actual punishment.

The Accused stated in court that he was suspended for 20 years, “this vicious energies”. In the case of a road accident he had suffered a severe skull-brain Trauma. Since then, he’ll be attacked by “evil spirit forces” who wanted to kill him.

As if he on 24. July went off in 2017 in the Schaffhausen branch of the CSS insurance with a motor saw, two employees and injured, had he been convinced that these negative forces are assumed to be one of the employees. He didn’t hurt the man, however, or even kill, but only “at a distance” want to keep.

the case to the Federal court?

The public defender of the accused made a so-called Putatively self-defense claim. The 54-Year-old was to judge so, than the actual Situation would have corresponded to his ideas. To do this, you have to come to the conclusion that the act is justified and thus not unlawful was.

The man could be convicted, therefore, is not due to multiple attempted intentional homicide in debt unable state to a stationary measure under article 59, the so-called small custody.

This was done, the cantonal court in September 2019 exactly. The defender urged, instead, to dismiss the 54-Year-old prematurely taken action. He should get a satisfaction of 207’000 Swiss francs. The man has been housed since the fall of 2017, in the Psychiatric University clinic in Zurich in Rheinau.

The Prosecutor requested a confirmation of the first-instance decision. The Accused should receive a stationary measure in accordance with article 59 of the criminal code. In this “small custody” is given to the person Concerned a course of therapy, the relapse risk is reduced. The measure shall be reviewed every five years and extended if needed.

the representative of The state attorney referred to a psychiatric evaluation, according to the high likelihood of further violence exists, and if no treatment success. The reviewers have found to be a paranoid schizophrenia.

The defender said after negotiations with representatives of the media, to want a further Appeal of the Case to the Federal court.