Through conversations and observations, I had to daily listen to, have seen I, how little the audience knows about the motivations for the decision, which eventually led to the operations in the high seas fleet, which attacks from there on, the Navy and the impetus for the political Revolution gave.

ships of the line, such as armored cruisers were in the last few months, through the protection of the viewfinder, which had to daily make new roads free rides for our mine, very been used. It was a monotonous, but no easier to service, Oh, the flu had spared no ship. That the mood of the crews, were for the most part, four years on Board, was not a shiny, you can think of. I have heard from many a mouth: what we wanted as our field gray say! It should, but each to consider how hard it is to live four years under the same Hardships and dangers with sufficient time to be able to any risk that can be colored, sometimes for weeks, with no other connection with the Land than through the Post. The foremost duty of all the officers it would not have been now, to make it to the teams, in port and at sea, useless, heavy, with a few notable exceptions, the opposite was the case. The Drill was always and again and again chewed through. Leisure was often just on paper. Unjust disciplinary penalties, restrictions, and harassment in the port holiday prevailed.

That we could get no peace to eat, knew and we all understood that the officers of the Roast and dessert (cake, etc.), on Sundays even two gears, eating, alcohol and Smoking, were but every day in large quantities had not understood without the other specialities, we. You were our leader, had us go in it to progress, self-restrictions to impose, they knew how the home darbte and how their teams on the Board complained. However, nothing has been done. – All this helped to push the Discord among the teams on the highest.

We were on the 31. October, once again on Voßklap-Reede, first of all, only the squadron; in the course of the day and in the Evening, gathered the whole of the German fleet in the Jade. It was given to us it is known, that in the night “ready for sea” would be made to drive in the course of the coming day of battle pictures. By home on leave, coming from Wilhelmshaven, had, we learn, that the journey had been earlier planned, but the Viking ships in the harbour had been prevented from leakage, or it would be denied. In the course of the Evening turns of all ships, was now under the stocking known (by whom and how, is beyond my knowledge), that we should attack the English fleet, which was not staying with her all of the units in the North sea.

“We will not attack you”

The first thought that came to all of us, was: this is The end of our ships, and of all of us, and for nothing, than to satisfy the ambition of some of the fanatics. The second thought was: The Reich Chancellor is in the exchange of notes with Wilson, and we start a Seeoffensive, this means immediate termination of all the notes created relationships, and the enemy has a new reason for war. All of this caused a great excitement among the crews, which had to, of course, the officers noticed. It has now been established by the crews of individual ships, the following Resolution:

“Attack of the English to us, so we offer our man and defend our shores to the Aeußersten itself, but we do not attack. More than to Helgoland, we can’t go, otherwise, will be made out of fire.“

as a result, the leak remained, and the various associations took their old location, bewz. Your Outpost again. Our 3. The squadron was ordered to rest after Kiel. On most ships, everything went smoothly, the commanders gave their assurance that no ship and human life is useless would be put at risk. But on a ship of our squadron arrests have been made, and the Question in Kiel. A liberation of the same on the cortege was blown apart with a gun. This was the prelude to the Kiel turmoil. After the first death, the General indignation came to the outbreak. The Kiel workers seized the opportunity and declared the General strike and formed workers ‘ councils, which the soldiers of the local marine parts. This movement spread rapidly over the whole of the Navy.