Ghent –

a number of of its citizens have a Saturday report of a “strange luminous object over the city. Fans are for one side, but that it was likely to be.

“like A UFO on top of Gent?”, “What’s happened in just over Ghent? A luminous object that seemed to be in pieces, to break: a luminous spot, and in the imagination of the citizens of ghent were struck Saturday night, just before the 20 hours are a little crazy.

The odds that aliens will land on the corn market seems to be small, however: according to the ruimtevaartdeskundigen of Ghent’s public observatory Armand Pien’s going to be as good as a balloon which has shattered. If a balloon is flying at 35 feet above the ground, and makes observations about the weather.

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These ufo’s were seen over Belgium, having regard to:

Ufo has been spotted in Belgium,
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