Anger is brewing in France. For several months, the pension reform bill has been causing tension in the debates in the National Assembly and the Senate against the executive branch. While these next few days promise to be decisive for the presidential majority, the French are still mobilized in the face of the situation in the country.

Like the many days of general mobilization, several sectors of activity went on strike throughout France. Among them, many garbage collectors have joined the movement for a week in protest against the pension reform. In Paris and other cities, the ripeurs no longer collect waste in order to make their demands heard.

As a result, tons of garbage and waste pile up in the streets, the bins are overflowing and full to bursting, which does not facilitate the movement of users. Cardboard boxes, household waste, garbage cans from establishments, shops and restaurants… There are mountains of rubbish strewn on the cobblestones. For the delight of rats in town… Or the nightmare of city dwellers and tourists!

In the absence of garbage and garbage collection by garbage collectors, we can say that this strike is felt in full view (and especially in the face) of all. But, also to social networks where many Internet users were quick to react to the current situation. Jokes, press cartoons and unusual images: here is an anthology of the best reactions on the web.