Two out of the three so-called criminal penalties for such serious violations will not be paid. That’s one of the findings of the state audit office. And for those who don’t pay won’t have too seldom reason to fear that an alternative sanction already given, such as, for example, a ban on driving. “It puts the credibility of the Justice in great danger.”

The state audit office to map the problem of the huge mountain of unpaid fines and penalties have been since 2000. Up to and including 2014, provided that the critical reports, “little progress has been made”. Outgoing attorney general john Koen Geens (CD&V), that is, in 2014, in taipei, taiwan, promised to change for the better.

even Though the strafuitvoeringsproces over the past few years, however, a very advanced it is, is of the opinion, the court of auditors that “there are still important deficiencies are, so a lot of the criminal penalties – fines and penalties by the police or the criminal courts can be in particular remain unpaid. Of the 454 million euro of the penalty fine procedure, which, in 2017, in which were expressed, it was a full year later and still just 157 million euros, to be paid. Or, in other words: less than two out of three of the fines remained unpaid, which the Belgian treasury, to nearly eur 300 million misliep.

IT issues

The root cause is a complex one. The court of auditors points out to the poor, a lot of late completion of the IT system at the ministry of Justice, which is the self-imposed penalty fine procedure should be sent to the Finance ministry, the fines than it collects. The fact that the “systems of Finance, and ministry of Justice are incompatible”. That is, both at the Justice ministry, and our Finances are still quite a lot of manual work to be done is to ensure that all the information will be processed.

in Addition, the state audit office is also concerned about the “credibility of justice”. The normal brings together Finance, Justice, in the case of you and your fine has been paid. Justice, then, in principle, be an alternative punishment to pronounce a term of imprisonment, or a ban on driving. However, according to the court of auditors that the feedback is often. In the us, visited the judicial districts there was not even a substitute punishment is carried out. That’s what makes the sentences less effective and also affect the credibility of Justice”, what it sounds like.

Most of the penalties have been recovered.

attorney general john Man points to a comment by the federal department of Justice, where the emphasis on the fact that over the last few months diligently working on a range of improvements “in the next few months should bring.”

“The state audit office is looking into the report, just go to the penalty fine procedure, as we have it today as much as 90 per cent of those in immediate fines and penalties, and compromise settlements, recovery. And that’s compared to a few years ago it was a dramatic improvement,” stresses Edward Landtsheere, spokesman for the federal department of Justice.

The state audit office was also critical of the federal department of Finance, which is becoming ever more “expensive” court bailiffs bet is to get the fines to be collected. In 2017 and would double in the workshops, from 5.4 to 9 million euros, a cost that is partly borne by the government.

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