The chief of Allianz Global Investors, calls for a worldwide ban on Bitcoin & co. “I personally am surprised that regulators have not gripped harder,” said Andreas Utermann, head of Europe’s largest asset managers, said Tuesday at a panel discussion in London. Finally, investors with crypto would have a lot of money for currencies is lost.

in addition to Utermann Andrew Bailey, the head of the British financial Supervisory authority FCA sat. He described Utermanns statements as rather harsh, but stressed that the Cyber currency had no real value.

His authority observe the crypto-currency market and the inclusion of companies through the issuance of digital coins or shares – so-called Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) – but that’s exactly. The Supervisory authority for the global fight against money laundering (FATF) intends to adopt as from June 2019 with a set of rules for transactions with crypto-currencies.

last year, the Bitcoin had a course at one time, more than 2000 per cent to about $ 20,000. Since then, the oldest and most important of the cyber currency fell to a current level of approximately 3300 dollars. ICOs are advised due to the amount of fraud into disrepute.

Bitcoin in dollars, There is no securities have been found!