when the 6-on-6 against Charleroi and STVV should be Anderlecht’s Frank Vercauteren is looking for a third consecutive victory in Three. “We are in a series, you need to climb up,” said Vercauteren.

that Anderlecht are going to tonight, on separation, in the region of Liège. Vincent Kompany will join as player-manager, but it will be tomorrow at Three, not to play. “Kompany continues to be closely involved with the team, but if you have other priorities, the handling of his injury – he may as well take it”, states Vercauteren.

Philippe and Sandler (knee) won’t be there, but Vercauteren is hoping to Kerhweg to the positive line by pulling with the team. “After STVV had, we are not euphoric, there are still a lot of real issues, but the atmosphere was a positive one. The positive spiral that we have to follow it. Each and every player needs to take the lead. Not a single football player can be any race, very, very, very good. There are always a number of guys who are even a little less, but it must be received by 8 or 9 others that will do well in the competition, and even the reservespelers. This is my message to the players. As we are still in constant need of. With a few exceptions drops in each of the teams for 90 minutes and always the way. Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes, and then you have to recognize situations and is a good choice. We are working on.”

and Yet, according to Vercauteren’s no easy match in Three. Friday night, far from the movement, a small stadionnetje, and a small field. “We do not think that it is an easy task that is. We just need to have the good things of the last week confirm it. We also have a range of the need to be our goals. Yes, of course, it is important to have a striker like Kemar Roofe was making progress. Or, to get the best of them!” What is the nature of this crowd. Most people think of goals but, for me, is that it is also very important, in the combinations of defensive work to do, the ball will keep track of…of Goals, then, are the icing on the cake. There have been periods of time when he was regularly scoring points and periods of time that it will be more difficult as well.”

as for The rest, that is Vercauteren conveys is striking. When he came in 2007 and was fired by Anderlecht after his first trainersperiode was the coach of a very gecrispeerd. Overwhelmed by the stress. “I as a coach have not changed,” he said. “I have still the same basic principles, but I’m not, however, have evolved. I’m a little less impulsive, to have a little more control, but the stress is still there, you know. I have to stress is needed. It comes with Anderlecht, and I’ll put it into positive energy. But I have no idea if I will be a time of loss, I’m going to be a bad trainer. The way it goes.”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Vanden Borre is evolving

finally, it wanted to be Frank Vercauteren have something to say about it, and Anthony Vanden Borre. “He’s not ready to be a number of things, but we want to be and Anthony is not to force. There is no point in taking risks with a view to the risk of injury. The doors are open to the public in order for him to gradually be more involved in the training, and perhaps even in the next oefenmatch, but we will see. Still. Nothing will be rushed. Also, if he’s even in the hand, it is not necessary for a larger follow-up link. I still have a bit of patience.”

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