The family of a British rugzaktoeriste Amelia Bambridge (21), which is in a state of shock. Ever since she was found dead in the sea, the image of her lifeless body, eager to be shared on social media.

Amelia Bambridge, and disappeared after a strandfeestje on the tourist island of Koh Rong, the second largest island of Cambodia. It was a large-scale search is launched, with more than a hundred divers, and a variety zoekteams in the country, in fact, the police and voluntary sector. Her family went straight to Cambodia to help in the search.

But on Friday, we received the bad news: the lifeless body of the Enemy was a hundred miles away, in the sea, will be found. According to the police, she is believed to be drowned.

“I’ve seen her body and saw it,” said her brother, Harry Bambridge, afterwards on social media. “I can confirm that it is my little sister, Amelia, is going to. I’m so sorry. I wanted her to be as happy, alive and recovering, and we have done our best.”

Brother, Harry Bambridge. (Photo: AFP) < / P> Shared pictures of her:

The shock was immense for the families, the grief will be incalculable. But all the rest are in mourning, they could not. On Instagram, I went into more quickly to images of the dead bodies of the Enemy.

Brother, Harry pleaded with his followers to ensure that all images shared to the report. But Facebook and Instagram would not capture because they are not in conflict with the law’.

“a Part, please call so that these dead people will stop with the photos of my dead sister’s share,” said Harry. Also, sister Georgia called out the people on the accounts to report on.

“are Unacceptable and objectionable.”

a British member of parliament Tom Watson has responded to the situation: “This is completely unacceptable on Instagram. The family is of Her, and would have the necessary privacy to get it. The standards of this social media is to be refused, if such images are not against the rules.”

“We have clear rules,” responded a spokesman for Facebook. “Part of the people to be more stories in the news, on social media, so it’s always possible that some of the kind of content and disturbing experience.
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