The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan last Thursday, the spot price is driven by the European Union, which is concerned about the possibility that there are thousands of Assyrian immigrants, from Turkey to the European Union, it will flood. “When the hour had come, the doors open,” said Erdogan.

“If I tell you that the doors (for the immigrants), it will open up, that is the preparation for the battle”, for instance, the president is upbeat in a speech in the capital, Ankara. “Don’t worry, when the hour is come, and the doors are open.”

“You got money, you are strong. However, if 100 or 200 people from Greece, travel through the sea, and hang on the line, so he stood up to the EU.

The EU member states and the Turkish invasion of the 9th of October, in the North of Syria, are heavily criticized for, and that is not a good ground; such as cases in the capital, Ankara. Erdogan has several times warned, “the doors will be open to the approximately 3.6 million Syrian refugees in the country, the chance to go to Europe.
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