On the crowded parking lots, you come to the craziest stunts on – one car, two seats, or a car, that do not in a position to the disabled position. But as a director, in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina), went a step further: he parked the car at the location of the shopping carts.

you are Not the driver of the Peugeot 308 is up with that maneuver, just get out. The staff at the store omstuwde of the cart, and the cart, to ensure that the car is completely enclosed, sat.

the Photo of the parked car, quickly climbed the social media around it. To a certain degree, Arnold Angelini put the picture on Facebook and quickly grew to 6,500 times and shared it. “Round of applause for the employees who are in the car and imprisoned”, he added.

In a local newspaper, explains the joint venture between hitachi, explaining how the images had been taken: “It was my wife who took the picture. These workers will earn a prize. What if there was an emergency it was this morning? People have no respect anymore for each other. It’s just a matter of the values of our society. I don’t know how, when, and how the driver is there, it is weggeraakt, and we are not waiting for them.”

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