the tour operator, TUI it reaches the travellers who spend their holidays in the water and saw a drop due to the problems with Thomas Cook to lend a helping hand. On the condition that they have to give them a new day deduct GUY’s already been in to Thomas Cook paid. They’re going to amount to over time, those who seek to recover from the Guarantee fund.

A large part of the affected passengers would prefer to be, in spite of the setback, however, was still on vacation leave. “Therefore, to facilitate SEC’s recovery from the fund, and provides for the possibility of an immediate deduction of the already paid amounts to a new holiday book,” says spokesman Pete Demeyere.

those Who have a holiday booked with an approved Belgian tour operator, may, in the event of the financial insolvency of that travel company to rely on a Travel Guarantee fund. Affected customers: Thomas Cook Belgium NV will be entitled to the reimbursement of their travel. This procedure, however, requires a period of time, as the holidaymaker as soon as possible, security will be about the journey.

“in Order to remedy this, it offers GARDEN to have a simple solution: for the affected passengers by a GARDEN shop to a new day, with an immediate reimbursement of the amounts that will be with Thomas Cook and were paid for, ” says the spokesperson of the OASIS.

On the basis of a power of attorney, and to file the client, takes a SEC for the administration of the recoveries from the fund on himself. “It’s an advantage for the traveler is three-fold: no red tape, no waiting in line for a refund, and not a transient double-funding of the journey.”

If the new departure date at least 45 days after the record date falls, the process will also be on-line regularly, ” says GUY, still.

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