in The Belgian food industry is estimated to be 3 million euro positive impact being experienced by states, local import duties. That’s according to Fevia, the federation of the Belgian food industry. “It’s going to be a specific type of cheese”, what it sounds like. In addition, it will include French wine, Scotch whisky and Spanish olives, are suffering under the new charges.

The measures come in retaliation for the illegal state aid that the EU gave in to the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The WTO gave the U.S. on Wednesday, the authorization to 6.9 billion euros a year on measures put in place. The logic is that, in the united states, the damage to compensate for that, the American Boeing has ‘suffered’ for. Shortly after that, the relevant Us authorities with a list of European products and import tariffs. The measures taken as from the 18th of October.

Belgium ‘cheese’

this is particularly important for food products, French wine and cheese to Scotch whisky, and pork. The sanctions are having an impact on the export of any specific type of cheese, which is estimated to be 3 million euro, will be affected by it. Bad news for these products,” said Nicholas Courant, a spokesman for Fevia. “It’s going to be a certain type of cheese. In total, exports to the US accounted for 3 million euro, but all in all, the direct impact of it.”

But it was for the export market, particularly the growing. In sum, the US is good for 15,7 per cent of the exports out of the EU. “Any kind of protectionism, it is bad news for the Belgian food industry.”


“the Exact producers of the indicate, it is difficult,” says Renaat Debergh, a board member of the Belgian Confederation of the Dairy industry. However, he warns against the side-effects of those contributions on their behalf. “The list also Card. In case of the Netherlands, and Germany, the two major producers of Gouda, the netherlands, and their production must be reduced, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the European milk price and, hence, selection of us.” The dynamics of the market threatens to be disturbed and to be, as was the case with the ban by Russia imposed on them. No matter how heavy that will weigh, it is difficult to quantify. “That’s speculation”, you hear the sound of it.

you can Also go to the Americans and the pork from Europe to higher taxation, but for our country, it will have a limited impact. According to the Febev, the Federation of Belgian Meat, our country since 2001, with no pork products on the united states. Also, the import duties on vegetables did not have an impact on our country. “The products that are on the list, then our country is not the USA”, it sounds at Freshtrade, the association of Belgian fruit and vegetable growers. The measures taken have not yet been formally adopted by the world trade organization, all of the Americans that this is just a formality.

More about this world trade organization Home our cheeses, clothes and ceramics are heavier, and that it is up to our companies feel the U.S. is imposing EU sanctions: “is Short-sighted and counter-productive,” U.S. is allowed to be 7.5 billion worth of import duties into the Eu products, “the WTO will give the Americans the green light to the economic sanctions against Europe,”