Re-elected regional Prince – Fake ballot papers decided Migros AbstimmungDie dismissal of the Board of Directors of Migros neuchâtel-Fribourg has been rejected. According to the Prosecutor’s office the result came in through electoral fraud to be able to.1 Kommentar1Behält his Post as President of the Migros cooperative neuchâtel-Fribourg Damien Piller.Photo: Anthony Anex/Keystone

The result of a ballot in the Migros cooperative neuchâtel-Fribourg came against the dismissal of the cooperative management, according to the Prosecutor’s office through electoral fraud concluded. The police questioned on Wednesday, several persons and seized Material.

Of the approximately 50’000 received ballots for the vote of confidence on the controversial Migros-regional chief Damien Piller were around 28’000 counterfeited, said the new Burger office of the Prosecutor General. Only valid ballots had been taken into account, would have been swept according to the authority, the result of the vote.

in accordance with the previously announced voting decision 64.5 percent of the Participants opposed the dismissal of the cooperative’s management, under the chairmanship of Piller. This is suspected to have in his own pocket lined. The Migros-genossenschafts-Bund (MGB), filed a criminal complaint against him. Piller rejected the allegations from the beginning.

According to the new Burger Prosecutor’s office 17’600 ballot for a repeal of the mandates at the top of the regional cooperative, however, is from languages in the voting, in truth, only 4600. This is a new counting of the College of forensic Sciences in Lausanne revealed.

Suspicious ballots in mailboxes

The police of new castle intervened, with the support of the cantons of Fribourg and Vaud in the case of several persons, as it was said in the message. This could be associated with the Offence in connection. Additional information the office of the public Prosecutor not made initially. The investigation will continue.

The written vote was conducted last November. 120’000 issued voting slips to around 50’000 had been received. The response rate was, therefore, 41.7 percent. After the announcement of the voting results of the comrades submitted to Council due for forgery and attempted fraud.

The display was followed by revelations of the Western Swiss TV station RTS about the detection of 400 ballots that were found in mail boxes, a small community outside of the cantons of neuchâtel and Fribourg. All were in the name of Piller.


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