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Nothing more announced yesterday the poster of the Port of Santa Maria, is rumió what has just been confirmed: Paco Ureña has broken off their relationship of empowerment with José María Garzón , the entrepreneur of the cited coso, where the murcian not figure.

Ureña has done what he had to do, for dignity and for self-love. The story is the following: your new agent, entrepreneur of the plaza of the Port, announces its first sign of the so-called “new normal” . And in that combination, with a band, there is news of Ureña. The names that appear are those of Enrique Ponce, Morante de la Puebla and Pablo Aguado . It is true that these last two, after the “no” Feria de Abril and the “not” season are quite probably the two most anticipated at The Port, and Ponce, which is on track to lead the ranks of the year Covid, reappeared there in 2019, indultando a bull of Juan Pedro Domecq -livestock that will deal this August 6 – after his knee injury catastrophic.

But, and what happens with Paco Ureña, maximum achiever of 2019? If your own agent does not advertise in your square, what would I require then? Ureña, owner of the greatest hits last season, with milestones such as their four ears in Bilbao, has done what he should: to break with Garzón. The proud bullfighter and the respect of oneself, also are that.

it is True that only announces a run, and that, as is rumored, who knows if any of the components don’t end up to make ends meet in the presence of Ureña, by the thing band and the 140th anniversary of the coso , but if one does not defend him whom he represents, who are you going to do? In the “new normal” there are things that remain the same.