You are on the highway, heading for the holidays, you have a heavy foot and accelerate slightly. Without realizing it, you have exceeded 130 km/h when suddenly you see a flash at the rear of the vehicle. You realize your mistake, but it’s too late, soon a fine will slip into your mailbox.

Does this scenario sound familiar? This is the fear of many French motorists. To escape it, it is important to never relax your attention. This summer, that statement is all the more true as traps on the roads have multiplied in recent months. It will therefore be necessary to redouble our efforts to escape it.

If some fear the disappearance of the signs announcing the radars, they can be reassured because this is not planned for the moment. On the contrary, the panels should continue to multiply until reaching the number of 25,000, spread over the whole of France as reported by AutoPlus.

But this is not necessarily for the best… Since it is actually due to the development of 250 “safe routes” which should sow even more confusion among motorists. Indeed, these areas indicated by new signs may contain different types of speed cameras, decoy cabins or even no control. Drivers will therefore no longer know where to turn and the wisest thing is to strictly respect the limitations on these roads.

In addition, new types of more efficient speed cameras capable of detecting a greater number of offenses have also multiplied on the roads of France.

In recent months, autonomous speed cameras have been placed on a large number of roads and today there are 248 of them. This device is movable and operates using batteries. It is generally mobile and is not intended to be permanently installed on a site.

The turret radars are also deployed throughout the territory. More efficient than the classics, they can flash in both directions and are also used to penalize crossing a red light.

According to AutoPlus, a new type of radar should also appear on our roads. It is a very small model that would be able to detect a wide range of violations. He would thus control the speed, the respect of the stops, the reserved lanes, the one-way streets as well as the crossing of white lines.

Grenoble, Nantes, Lille, Paris, Lyon… Recently, the number of cities having decided to limit the speed to 30 km/h has greatly increased. So much so that it could well become the new normal within a few years. At the same time, more and more speed cameras are placed in the city, and this limitation must therefore be respected.

In our municipalities, parking controls are also being modernized and are increasingly efficient. It is now automated in around thirty cities in France and others will soon follow suit.

One of the most difficult traps to spot on our roads are radar cars which are very often privatized and can be encountered in most of the territory. One more reason to be particularly vigilant on the roads this summer and obey speed limits.