Doomsday clock: researcher: humanity is on the verge of self-extinction


    Leading scientists see a continuing great danger for the humanity with nuclear weapons or climate change wipes out yourself. The “Bulletin of Atomic Scientists,” the “doomsday clock” at his annual press conference on Thursday in Washington, two minutes before twelve. The time with the help of the researchers symbol to Express the danger of a destruction of mankind – remained unchanged at the level of the last year. So close to their own extinction, mankind was, therefore, before that, the last in 1953.

    the watch was not presented, “should not be taken as a sign of stability considered, but as a strong warning,” said the President of the “Bulletin of Atomic Scientists”, by Rachel Bronson. “It is a condition that is so disturbing as to be the most dangerous times of the Cold war.” The former Governor of California, Jerry Brown, said: “We’re almost like passengers on the Titanic not see the iceberg in front of you, while you enjoy the food and the music.”

    The researchers warned: “humanity now faces two simultaneous existential threats” – nuclear weapons and by climate change. To the atomic threat, they argued, the United States announced a nuclear deal with Iran and their retreat on an important nuclear disarmament agreement with Russia have been announced. Also the “nuclear Dilemma of North Korea” remain unresolved. The nuclear powers pushed at the same time, the modernisation of its Arsenal, which was almost a world-wide arms race.

    Bronson: humanity carries the “information war”

    To climate change, the scientists said, carbon dioxide emissions, which seemed to be the end of this decade, initially stabilized, and have increased in 2017 and 2018. To stop the worst consequences of climate change, would have to travel to the countries of the world, these emissions well before the end of the century, down to Zero. Measured it “has failed the world community in the past year, miserably”.

    Bronson said, these threats would be exacerbated by a “changing information Ecosystem”. She complained of a growing “information war” and, more and more “Fake News”. The create of the world “anger and polarization” in a time of peace and unity were asked to solve the problems of the world.

    In the past two years, the researchers had the “doomsday clock” by 30 seconds to the front. Prior to that, she had been standing there for 2015 to three minutes before midnight. In 1953, after the first hydrogen bomb Tests, the last two minutes before twelve. The clock has been published since 1947. At the time of their introduction, they stand at seven to twelve. After the fall of the Berlin wall, the researchers had their watch – and at 17 minutes before midnight.