Purchasing power: 7 fun savings challenges to save for the start of the school year


The fall is fast approaching! Say goodbye to idleness, you will soon have to take out the notebooks, the pencils, and above all… the checkbook. In September, spending picks up again to support the routine. It is also necessary to provide families with the purchase of school supplies, which are particularly expensive this year. The Fédération Famille de France estimates that their price has soared by 4.25% in 2022.

Inflation is also still raging in the other departments: food, energy… The start of the 2022 school year promises to be particularly expensive, even if the “boost” measures of the purchasing power law should allow certain households to recover some pennies.

In this context, changing your approach to saving money could motivate you to develop better habits as you watch your nest egg grow. Turning saving into a game, however brief, could reinvigorate your money-saving efforts, as comment-economiser.fr advises. Although many savings games take place over a long period of time, such as an entire year, you can start a savings challenge at any time.

Whether you prefer to manage your money virtually or have cash, you can make any of these games work for you. Try one or more of these seven money-saving challenges to make your savings effort a little more fun. Discover them in our slideshow.