ECJ ruling to driving bans: Hatz on the drivers


    The European court of justice has heralded the next round in the race to the drivers. Cities such as Paris, Brussels, or Madrid may possibly vehicles, even the brand new diesel and, perhaps, even new cars with petrol engines, the entry ban. Whether you are going to do, is still open. But Paris has already announced that by 2024, no Diesel and more in the city. How German cities are to the surprising judgment, react, don’t know you yet.

    Holger Steltzner


    F. A. Z.

    The Berlin transport Senator recently stated that Euro 6 vehicles will not be clean. This is of course true, but no one claims that cars are the city’s air healthier. But you may also find in times of the “Fake News” that in the past few years, the air in the well-being of all, most of the cities in Europe was better, although the car-, truck -, and bus transport is usually greatly increased. Should you wish for more Serenity in the sometimes hysterical run diesel debate?

    The starting position is clear. Cars from bumping on the road and more pollutants than in the laboratory. Each driver will notice at the latest when filling up that the real consumption is higher than the standard value. The same applied and applies to pollutants. The latest emission tests, can and must take place on the road. Because it comes to measuring inaccuracies, has given the EU Commission a tolerance factor, so it came to the new Euro 6 limit value, the court overturned now. However, the judges admit that technical uncertainties must be taken into account. Just how? You don’t say.