On Tuesday at the team training of the Frankfurt goalkeeper coach Manfred “Moppes” Petz drove his four goalkeepers happy. Had to throw in the group of one gate to the next run on the floor and then to one of the tight shots of Petz to fend off. A firework of balls. In another Exercise, the goalkeeper, who stood with his back to Petz were allowed, only to turn around, as this shouted loud and clear “Yes”. Response speed was required, because there was hardly any time on the difficult shots, the goalkeeper trainer. Accordingly, successful Petz was as a ball machine and scorer.

At first glance, everything was as always. The four goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, Frederik Rönnow, Jan Zimmermann and Felix Wiedwald formed the participants of the Training who were employed by Petz varied and intense. Two of them will make the League this Thursday (18: 55) in the sixth Europe-game but a role-reversal: Trapp, the number one in the group, the first from the state of Hesse, will take in the away game against Lazio only in the gallery. For him, his Deputy, Rönnow active in the Eintracht goal beware, the has head coach Adi Hütter. In the international duel, this is for the placement meaningless, because the successful frankfurters rank one group H, the 26-year-old Dane the chance to gain match practice. It Hütter for his “training rewards”. The Part of the substitute goalkeeper Jan Zimmermann is taking over this time.

a Lot of Training

Restless Rönnow doesn’t make his forthcoming work, “it is my first game,” he said on Tuesday and smiled. And yet non-normality in the life of his current profession. In Frankfurt, the number two of the Danish national team in a role again, she had not expected at the time of contract signature. From the one just the two of them was in the end, because Rönnow had at the beginning of his time in Frankfurt persistent knee problems.