Before retiring, it is better to anticipate your steps to leave with complete peace of mind. To benefit from a full pension, it is therefore useful to check the number of quarters contributed, essential in the calculation of a maximum retirement pension. When quarters run out, it is possible to buy back necessary quarters. You can completely set up this buy-back well before the time of your retirement and look calmly to the future. But how much does it cost to buy back a quarter?

If you are missing quarters to obtain a full rate, you can turn to the redemption of quarters, useful to recover your years of higher education and other incomplete years. It is thus possible to consider buying back quarters based on the rate alone or buying back quarters based on the rate and duration of insurance. The rates will therefore fluctuate depending on the option to buy back quarters chosen. The amount of the payment for a redeemed quarter will also be fixed according to the age of the insured at the time of redemption, the average annual amount of income, but also the social affiliation scheme.

The value of the quarter buy-back is proposed according to the scale of the payment for the retirement. It is established in euros or in percentage and corresponds to the income of the insured. It may differ depending on the policy of the insured. For example, in the event of affiliation to the general scheme, if you wish to buy back three quarters at the age of 55, the cost of your buy-back will depend on your income. In the case of an average annual salary of 45,000 euros, the price of a quarter for the rate alone will be 3,973 euros. For three quarters, the sum will amount to 11,919 euros.