On the run from the police, a young man in a stolen sports car is supposed to be by Hannover’s shopping mile racing and a 82-year-old man killed. The 18-Year-old since the Thursday before the local land court. To him murder for road risk, theft, Driving without a license, and driver will be accused of escape. The process of opening the chamber of youth, from the castle to the Public for the entire main hearing.

The defendants have established a personality disorder in the emotional-social area with a depressive and suicidal behavior, the Chairman judge Stefan the gap. It is to be feared that his condition deteriorated massively, should the listener keep track of the process. The defence had requested the trial behind closed doors and a psychiatric report submitted. The young man said after only a fragmentary, incomplete memory of the Events, such as a court spokesman.

The 18-Year-old. in the early Morning of 24 June 2018 first of all, the car drunk, stole, and with a 17-year-old Known to be escaped. As he got into a police control, raced to the man, according to the indictment by Hanover’s pedestrian area and crashed in the vicinity of the main railway station, with the old man. Two witnesses are to be avoided. The Senior died despite first aid, the police officers had stopped their pursuit at the scene of the accident. According to media reports, the victim was a homeless man.

A couple of streets from the speeder crashed against a traffic Light pole and fled the scene together with the 17-Year-old to walk. Passers-by held the young woman against her has not been determined. The 18-Year-old turned himself in late in the evening of Tattages the police and is since then at Hameln juvenile prison, in remand.