strong Winds were blowing the brick house batters in a Bay of the industrial area. An employee closes the door. Here in the workshop talents of silver plates, a kilogram is more than 400 euros for it. It is the raw material to be manufactured from the plates, champagne flutes, Cutlery, pots and jewelry.

Theresa White


F. A. Z.

Robbe & Berking is a medium-sized family company with 170 employees, led by Oliver Berking, the fifth-Generation. The market leader for silverware in Germany and Europe and supplies customers around the world. Berkings great-great-grandfather, Nicolaus seal opened in 1874 with his son-in-law Robert Berking has a silver forge jewellery business. The Store expanded, in spite of some setbacks. Today, the company has 4,000 items in its range and more than 30 Designs for Cutlery.

Oliver Berking, 56 years old, has been working since 1985 in the manufacture. He has a degree in business administration, a silver jug could he not forge itself. However, in the case of the draft, he has his Finger in the game. Robbe & Berking has no in-house design Department, but works with designers and silversmiths. The managing Director, who approves each design. And sometimes an idea also comes from him. His father, Robert Berking, was also for many designs responsible.

the company has kept, Robbe & Berking for so long, is the quality of the manufactured pieces and, as Berking is sure to the design. If the chief in the exhibition space, the best corner, he gets out, his enthusiasm was palpable. “I need to fall in love with each model before it is produced,” he says. It is a great love – since 1874, a model is never been out of the collection. Is there an availability guarantee for all the lines. “The more important it is that the products hold on and also artistically.” Berking, follows no Trends, and no seasonal goods. Its products are designed to be timeless.