In order to mark its opposition to the pension reform, the CGT-Chimie had chosen to tackle the supply at the pump, at the beginning of March 2023. Since mid-April, in other words since the decision of the Constitutional Council to validate the project pension law, refineries are again spared from strikes. The next strike is only scheduled for June 6, as union leaders said at a meeting on May 2. Despite everything, some departments still find themselves in difficulty. This Thursday, May 4, another 5% of service stations are classified as being in a shortage situation.

That hadn’t happened since 2016. The price difference between diesel and gasoline hadn’t been this big in seven years, as claimed by Capital. Prices on diesel having fallen by 4 cents last week, this fuel returns to the price that we saw in September. On average, diesel currently sells for 1.72 euros per liter, while unleaded 95-E10 gasoline is displayed at 1.8782 euros per litre.

“We returned to the pre-war situation in Ukraine with a diesel fuel more affordable than gasoline”, summarizes Francis Pousse, president of the service station branch at the Mobilians union for BFMTV. Gasoline remains at high levels, currently due to supply difficulties associated with the movement against pension reform. The context has changed thanks to the fall in the price of oil: the barrel of Brent from the North Sea still lost nearly 4 dollars last week.

Discover in our slideshow below the 15 departments in difficulty as this extended weekend approaches, according to Le Figaro.