Thomas Wild, head of a company for event technology fights in the Corona of a crisis for Survival. Now he has the Weichser municipal Council submitted a proposal to, among other things, concerts at the former feast space


Weichs – Corona was not at the recent meeting of the Weichser municipal Council is only an issue because you had to go back in the hall with a respectful distance days, but in particular, because of a particularly Corona-damaged Weichser entrepreneur, asked for help: Thomas Wild, who operates since many years in the commercial area successfully the company TW-event technology.

Wild requested the free use of the leisure area, built once as a fixed space-and now for skaters and other sports as a Fun Park for the youth it serves, similar to a drive-in theater for concerts by Bands, cabaret performances or readings for the Young and the Old. Wild could thinking be held to the use of the land for a specific time on a Saturday evening (20-23 clock) and possibly also on Sunday afternoon, where, perhaps, children readings.

The reasons, as mayor Harald Mundl (WBV), are versatile: “on The one hand, the entrepreneurs desire to offer to the population in times of Corona a bit of variety, but also the cultural workers to engage under the arms.” In his presentation of the concept explained of the game, his professional industry, was particularly hard hit by the restrictions, and from the very beginning: “We have a drop in sales of up to 95 percent. A re-recording of the work is not expected until the beginning of September and a certain normality again until the middle of 2021.“

in mid-March, had to be operating three permanent employees, eight 450-Euro – forces and a Trainee. Meanwhile, two employees had to be dismissed already. “The order situation is, unfortunately, the direction of zero,” says Wild. to be able to

Auto-culture-Events to hold, he would like to apply for the Federal network Agency’s radio frequency. It works already well with the cultural Department of the city of Dachau, where car concerts are planned. Everything is to be done according to the required safety regulations. Wild his idea referred to as a kind of “Open-Air citizens ‘house”. If other events in the district such as folk festivals, etc. need to be, then the people should have at least this kind of joy.“

in compliance with the hygiene concept, we would hire security people. Wild concept presented in detail. So about an eight-by-six-metre stage in the green area should be placed on the state road. Ramps and recreational equipment should only be partially placed for some time elsewhere. 60 cars would find a place that could be occupied with up to five people (currently two-house). 20 to 30 euros per car including the driver, as occurs in the case of concerts planned. A further five to nine euros per passenger. What is the significance of the car in around 40 to 55 Euro revenue. An absolute special price, says Wild, “but we have no choice”. With a win, he expects, “but perhaps our fixed costs can be covered, and at least we have work”.

a committed entrepreneur has with its stage, but already have other plans. For example, the gardening club could hold its meeting. For entertainment, there is currently no permission.

also has been the Theresia-gerhardinger – Realschule has asked whether you could hold in a similar “drive-in cinema-kind of a” maybe down by the coach Park to the town of Glonn on a stage in the completion of worship and the certificate distribution.

The local councils to cleaned out Wild concerns due to noise pollution: “you can’t compare That with an Open-Air concert.” With the person in charge of local youth work have been allayed all these concerns, since the event times overlap only slightly with the needs of the young people.

to listen to Even if they agreed to later on, such as all councils in the application, in particular of the SPD parliamentary group discomfort due to the car traffic. Others doubted whether it is worthwhile financially, but wanted to put the local Businesses out of the way, fighting for the continued existence of the company. Now hoping wildly that the district office the green light, so he can quickly get in touch with Bands and performers contact, “which are currently more favourable than otherwise, since there is a lack of performance opportunities”.

How to Mundl, a majority of the municipal Council is looking forward to the car-culture Events, because Weichs would not be the cultural capital, but perhaps culture-the main town in the district.