This may be the first step towards quitting. Creating a personal account on the Retirement Insurance website provides access to a whole range of services offered by the organization. These prove to be highly useful, if not absolutely essential, for the proper preparation of his retirement since it is indeed possible to retrieve most of the information relating to his professional career. And the magazine Notre Temps lists some of the most important: the number of quarters paid for or assimilated (the difference is important), the possibility of early departure due to a long career… This is also where you will find your career statement or that you can identify your retirement age.

But you still need to have known how to activate your account! Here’s how to go about it.

Two procedures co-exist in terms of pension insurance. It is possible to go directly to the organization’s website and create an account in a fairly standard way, by following the procedure proposed by the platform. Once this is done, Notre Temps again notes, an email is sent to the user to allow the activation of the account.

Alternatively, it is also possible to go through France Connect. It is, we can read on the official platform of the site, a “device which allows Internet users to identify themselves on an online service via an existing account”. In doing so, it is possible to use one of the usernames and passwords already created with other structures (such as the tax site, for example). There is no need to do more.