the Airline, Qatar Airways, has for short service between Maastricht and Liège, a race of only 9 minutes. That said, the Liege gemeenteradslid Pierre Eyben (Char Ardent) on Wednesday in It’s newspaper. Eyben, it has an ecological aberration. The company is, say, bored with the whole situation.

The cargo flight departure from the Qatari capital, Doha, is a stop-over in Liège and then on to Mexico. However, on november 3, landing with a Boeing 777 of Qatar Airways will be the first in chicago, then in the direction of Liège in belgium, to leave. On the 10th of november, there is a flight scheduled.

It says that Qatar Airways, the self is annoyed by the whole situation. “It’s going to have a new Dutch client who absolutely wants the cargo, in Maastricht, will be delivered to you. The purpose of repos is not, however, be long enough to get to the plane, and then immediately return to Mexico to continue. Therefore, it should be placed in the Hatch repositioned to be.” The company is studying and believed to have been a distinct flight to Doha, Maastricht, the netherlands.

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