Trial against Israeli Prime Minister – bribery, fraud and UntreueMit Benjamin Netanyahu must for the first time. an incumbent Israeli Premier in court The procedure could be longer than three years.Alexandra Föderl-Schmid0 KommentareZum the start of the process on Sunday must be Benjamin Netanyahu personally present.Photo: Oded Balilty (Keystone)

Even for the head of government in Israel is no exception: Until the end of Benjamin Netanyahu had tried to avoid, at least in his appearance before the court, because it can prevent the corruption process had not. The Jerusalem district court rejected this week, his applications and ordered that Netanyahu must be at the start of the process, on Sunday in person. The court stated that Netanyahu “will appear like any other Accused also, and before the court in his testimony” would have to make. The for the 17. March provided for the trial had been postponed due to the Corona-crisis.

not argued His lawyers had, Netanyahu’s reading was Appearing for the prosecution “needed”, since he had read the indictment, on several occasions. The politicians of the right-wing nationalist Likud party had “cited security concerns”. The court informed him that the presence of his bodyguards in the hall of the movement of rules against the government because of the Corona against a specified distance. Also a Prosecutor Liat Ben-Ari has, in the meantime, had, on the advice of the police bodyguard at your side, after they receive threats.

Expensive gifts

the Chairman of judge Rivka Friedman-Feldman, who was involved in the condemnation of the former Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, to 27 months in prison. Olmert resigned in 2008, when the allegations against him were known – pushed by the then leader of the opposition Netanyahu. According to Netanyahu, the first reigning head of the government in Israel’s history, will be placed before the court. He is accused in three cases for bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

In the case of the allegations of corruption, the suspicion of the influence of the media and expensive gifts to fellow billionaires. In the most explosive of the three cases, Netanyahu should have the company Bezeq benefits granted. Owner Shaul Elovitch will be 500 million dollars of benefit. Three long-term employees act as a state’s witness for the prosecution. Netanyahu called the accusations a “witch hunt”.

According to experts, the Israeli democracy Institute the proceedings, including the expected appeal to the Supreme court will take longer than three years. As Prime Minister Netanyahu must come back only if the case is decided in the last instance. Therefore, has agreed on the last Sunday sworn-in government that Netanyahu can carry the newly created title of “alternative Prime Minister”, when he passes the office of the heads of government to the center of the three-year term to Benny Gantz.

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