the Extinction patrick’s day celebration is going to be a civil complaint against the city because of the police action, in action, on the 12th of October at the Centre. The best in the klimaatactiegroep in a message to his supporters on Facebook.

“Our analysis is that the criminal us more harm than the good it will do, and have a low chance of success. This is why we have a civil litigation against the city, legal authority and responsibility for the police,” said the organization on Facebook. The business is focused on compensation and the organization is asking anyone who feels they’ve been wronged in order for the case to be closed. “So, if you have a mental or physical injuries you sustained, and you will want to be suitably compensated, can we have your testimony, to attach,” according to the organization. For those who’d like to join, you can register until the 29th of October.

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the Extinction Vehicles”, pointing out that men also have a case to pursue, but that a collective effort is, of course, to have a stronger signal to the authorities here.

the GAS-to-fine

the message to log Extinction patrick’s day celebration, the participants of the action on the 12th of October as possible, and GAS to pay. The organization will have everyone’s support for those penalties, to combat what it sounds like.

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the Extinction patrick’s day celebration has decided not to file a complaint with Committee p “Despite the fact that it was a powerful symbolic act, and that all the rebels will be free to the individual complaints, we have decided to take no common action”, what it sounds like.

There has been a lot of criticism on the actions of the police during the campaign of civil disobedience, by the Extinction patrick’s day celebration earlier this month at the Centre, due to the use of pepper spray and water cannon against peaceful citizens. The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, it has been a week to let you know that there are four disciplinary proceedings have been initiated around the police station.
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