They lived happily ever after for better and for worse. Since 2016, Married at first sight has become a flagship program of the PAF which has brought together several single volunteers wishing to find love. With the help of experts, these couples have known a story (more or less long) in front of millions of viewers on M6.

Among the thirty unions celebrated in Grans (in the south of France) and Gibraltar, several lasted after the shooting. We think in particular of Charline and Vivien (season 3), Laure and Mathieu (season 5) or even Pauline and Damien (season 6) who founded their family. Others preferred to end their marriage after (or during) the experience.

Like Élodie and Joachim, star couple of season 4. 78% compatible, the two Lyonnais said yes to each other in 2019 and had happy days, even if their media coverage was not easy to manage after the program. “In a couple, you must already learn to manage the balance between the two (personal life and public life, Ed), succeed in putting barriers on what we show or not. We must also preserve our secret garden”, the couple told Planet in 2021.

In addition, the sports coach and the young manager had also confided in their plans for life together. “We will go at our own pace and our desires, not the one that people want to impose on us”. After three years of happiness, Élodie and Joachim announced their separation in September 2022.

“Joachim has decided to end our relationship. I will ask you to respect his decision, which I respect. I will cut off social networks, I don’t know when I will return. (…) Life goes on “explained his ex-wife Élodie on his Instagram page, quoted by the magazine site Here. Since then, the ex-lovers seem to have found a shoe that suits them. Like other candidates, dressed by a French brand on the show, who also divorced (at first sight) before them.

What have they become ? Who shares their lives today? Ahead of the never-before-seen Season 7 episode of Married at First Sight, Planet brings you news of several famous contestants who have found love again.