Chantal Ladesou: the comedian played in an adult film without knowing it


Chantal Ladesou was born on May 5, 1948 in Roubaix in the North. At the dawn of her 16th birthday, she tragically loses her mother in a car accident. Placed in boarding school by her father, she obtained her baccalaureate diploma in Paris in 1968. Diploma in hand, she went back to her native region to train at the Lille Conservatory before returning to the capital to enroll in Cours Simon.

“I enrolled in the Simon course and I quickly did boulevard theater and extras in films. I only saw myself doing that as a job, that was the only thing that interested me. needle, little by little, it gradually rose. I did a one-man show ten years ago which allowed me to be even better known. Overall, I have done a lot of pieces theater”, she told

To finance her theater lessons, she became a sales hostess in the Rank Xerox company. It was also at her workplace that she met her future husband Michel Ansault. Wishing to embark on an artistic career, Chantal Ladesou left her old job in stride. After a few small roles in the cinema, she is revealed in the show La Classe. Along with this, she gets the role of Huguette Boudin in the French television series Maguy. Thanks to the complicity of comedian Pierre Palmade, she embarked on a solo career. Her one-woman show J’ai l’impression qu’il vous plait… Vraiment and Chic et Choc have met with great success with the French public. In 2010, she joined the Big Heads team alongside Philippe Bouvard then Laurent Ruquier who took over in 2014.

In her one-woman Show I have the impression that I like you, Chantal Ladesou confides frankly on dramas that have deeply affected her. When she is only 15 years old, her mother tragically dies without a car accident. “Our life stopped and the house was only silence and sorrow,” she says.

Unfortunately, the comedian experienced a similar tragedy a few years later. His eldest son Alix, 21, also died in a car accident. “It was excruciating. I relived what I had already experienced at 15, with my mother, she recalls. I kept crying. I had no taste for anything and work left me saved,” she explained. In an interview with Jordan de Luxe in 2020, the star confided in her disappearance in 1996. “It’s a drama that is still very burning in me, and that makes me suffer as soon as we talk about it (. ..) At the same time it’s also a way to revive it and also help talking about it, but it’s true that it’s still very sensitive”, she said and added that she had difficulty in grieving. “I was totally knocked out for two years.”

On November 6, 2021, the comedian will be the guest of Paris Première in Extravagantes. In a video extract unveiled by Télé-Loisirs, we see the star confide in this accident which was “a huge shock” for her or even “a tsunami”.

Chantal Ladesou is married to a certain Michel Ansault, whom she met in the 1970s when she was a sales hostess at Rank Xerox. Together, the couple gave birth to three children: Alix, Julien and Clémence.

Invited on the Vivement Dimanche set on June 15, 2020, Chantal Ladesou confided in their meeting: “I found a job at Rank Xerox. I taught people how to use machines (…) I was leaving , I was doing my month’s notice, I said to myself: “that’s it, I’m stopping everything”. I had done two years, and I said to myself: “I only do theatre”, I don’t care if I have to break the slab, that’s all I do, I only want to do that, I’m not going to spend my days doing anything else. And there, someone came to see me because he had a problem with a machine … and I fell in love… Forty-seven years later, I am still with him,” she said.

Invited on the set of C à vous on December 7, 2022, comedian Chantal Ladesou was asked about her debut, in particular the time she almost starred in a naughty film. An adventure that she did not hesitate to tell with humor. “Without knowing it, yes. I was told ‘Go and shoot in the Buttes-Chaumont studios’. I went there, I knocked on the doors. were there”, she said and continued: “I was told, ‘It’s not an erotic film at all. You’re going to do a role in a big party etc. You’ll do a socialite. I’m there went, and it was an erotic film, because everyone was naked! So I understood”.

Unwilling to undress, Chantal Ladesou had finally been rescued by her husband Michel Ansault who would have discussed with the director before leaving with his “convertible”. Although she did not agree to undress, the comedian would appear in a few scenes. “I get seen a little bit,” she said.