the dramatic images are the ones Zacahria Mellon know in Wyoming. In August of last year, he betrayed no less than 280 holes in the ground and then fill them with explosives. The explosion, which led to a one-off effect that, in the meantime, hundreds of thousands of people have seen it on social media.

a few days ago Melon of his movies on a TikTok. “The explosions were meant to set off, to extract, a mineral, which, in the variety of products processed,” he said. By the company for which he was hired to be the explosion to settle, wild Melon, however, is not to tell you. “In any case, it is not the job I first had in mind. In the past I have worked on the oil rigs, but the chance of getting a nice job like this if I didn’t let go.”

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More about that by any chance? The controversial arrest: an agent shows a police dog will still attack you after the defendant was going to surrender, here are the first pictures of the brand new series ‘Hello Christmas’ Jane visits the grave of its perished a daughter, Louise “Go to someone who has lost a child is certainly not out of the way,” a Suspect goes unnoticed, from the court during the deliberations