It’s the starting signal for the holidays, on the way! According to an Ipsos study on 2022, 3 out of 4 French people will go on vacation. It is a gigantic boom in departures. Especially since, according to the study, 40% indicate going abroad. In particular, in Spain (15%), Italy (8%) and Portugal (5%). In Greece, 1.5 million people make the trip each year, according to RTL.

However, be careful if you are one of the 73% of French people who prefer the car to leave. As reported by Capital, 20 countries have signed a 2015 EU directive or bilateral agreement to exchange traffic offense information. This information will be shared by the authorities of the foreign country with France and you will receive a fine directly at home. Clearly, those who tend to put their foot down will be fined. This is not, however, the only offense that can be reported.

Have you received a ticket notification in your mailbox following your trip to one of these countries? Don’t worry, you won’t lose points on your license. Indeed, only a fine is possible as a sanction. Regarding the notification, the letter, necessarily written in French, details the nature of the infringement, its appeal procedure and the means of payment.

To avoid any sanction in a foreign country, it may be useful to find out about the rules of conduct in force. Find, in addition, the slideshow of the countries where the legislation will forward your fines to your home.