She was the favorite contractual of the French in the 1980s. Daniele Evenou was revealed to the general public in the series Marie Pervenche, where she played the title role for three seasons. A fiction that allows the actress to achieve a certain notoriety in the artistic world.

In parallel with a few appearances in the cinema, it is on the small screen that Danièle Evenou has flourished throughout her career. In turn, she participated in famous programs such as L’académie des neuf, Fort Boyard and Boyard Land on France 2. Or even in culinary competitions, such as An almost perfect dinner, The Best Pastry Chef and Top special chef “celebrities”, which she won in 2018 on M6.

The actress and member of Les Grosses Têtes on RTL has also distinguished herself on several occasions in the theater, playing with Norbert Tarayre and Séverine Ferrer in the play It’s not at all what you believe in 2019. Fruitful activities that have allowed to the ambassador of the residences company for seniors Domitys to be safe from need, while the cultural sector is hard hit by the health crisis.

“I’m at Domitys, I’m retired and I’m not someone who spent his money anyhow,” she admitted last December in the program What are they now?, broadcast on the Non Stop People channel. A generous grandmother towards her grandchildren, but who remains very alert to the pandemic. “I am very careful, I find that we are not careful enough”, recognizes the one who has lost close friends, affected by the Covid-19.

If actress Danièle Evenou is fulfilled with her family, she has also dated several men in her life. Among his relationships, we note his couple with Jacques Brel, met on the set of the film Franz with the singer Barbara in the role of matchmaker. “He absolutely wanted to go out in the evening with her to see cockfighting competitions. Barbara said no, she hated that and I understand her”, evoked the actress at the microphone of France Info. “After three, four times, Barbara said to him ‘Go out with little Evenou, take little Evenou’. And he took me. When he got back, he put his Jaguar facing the sea and turned on the stereo to put on one of my favorite songs, Wagner’s Ghost Ship. How do you say no?

After this idyll, Danièle Evenou found love in the arms of host Jacques Martin. From their union, they are the parents of two sons: Frédéric (born in 1973) and Jean-Baptiste (born in 1976), who also became actors. A beautiful romance that turned into a nightmare for the actress.

Invited on the set of It starts today, Wednesday March 23 on France 2, the heroine of Marie Pervenche confided in this 7-year relationship that it greatly affected her. “Me, I had stopped my job because [I was] with Jacques Martin. I had to take care of only him. So I was prohibited from working”, she said in front of the host Faustine Bollaert. “He made me refuse a film, two films…”.

If actress Danièle Evenou is released from her breakup with the host of L’école des fans in 1980, she has sad memories. “I cried a lot when I was with Jacques because he was very very hard,” she confided. “I cried too much. […] I left him when I adored him”, assuring that his ex-companion was “too hard to live with”. “I left everything to him, the apartment, the car. I took my two kids under my arms. I found a small apartment. And one day, Jacques came to see me like a madman”, and l imitate: “Come home”, he allegedly shouted at her.

Danièle Evenou stood up to her rejected ex-companion under the eyes of her children. “I said to him: ‘Jacques, if I come back one day, it’s so that we live again and that you are different. That you stop talking to me badly’. He left, slamming the door,” he said. – she told by concluding with emotion. “My son told me ‘mum, we did well to leave'”.

Subsequently, actress Danièle Evenou dated journalist and former minister Georges Fillioud in 1983, before getting married in 1996. While they were swimming in happiness, her husband died in 2011. Three years after his disappearance, the star has rebuilt his life with Jean-Pierre Baiesi. A relationship with a disastrous fate since his last companion died in 2018, swept away by cancer at the age of 59.

If Danièle Evenou has known beautiful love stories, the septuagenarian has encountered health concerns. A few months after the loss of her husband Georges Fillioud, the actress was the victim of a domestic accident, as she revealed to the tabloid France Sunday.

“I’m not doing very well,” she told our colleagues in February 2012. “I’m in the hospital. Like hundreds of French people, especially right now. I slipped and broke my leg. Double fracture to the malleolus, internal and external. I taste, it hurts”. A terrible fall which had forced him to be operated on and immobilized for several days in the hospital. “As I get restless a lot, I’m always breaking something,” admitted the very active star.

If the famous Marie Pervenche has since regained her strength, her morale was again at its lowest when she lost her brother the same year. “A few months later, my brother Alain died, in turn, of illness. We were very, very close. I was the eldest”, she confided in the magazine Ici Paris, revealing in the same interview to have been a victim subsequently from food poisoning, the fault of spoiled mozzarella. “The doctors were very worried during the first forty-eight hours. It took me several weeks to recover completely”, according to his comments relayed by Purepeople.

Without a filter on her state of health, the French actress also admits having succumbed to the scalpel. A bitter experience that left its mark…

Danièle Evenou is one of the few stars to speak openly about cosmetic surgery. If she admits having succumbed to the scalpel in the past, the actress nevertheless regrets certain operations which have disfigured her. “I must never do anything, it’s failed,” she said this weekend against host Jordan De Luxe.

During her video interview, relayed on the Télé-Loisirs website, actress Danièle Evenou confided in particular in her failed eye lift. “It was the time when everyone called themselves a cosmetic surgeon: ENT, gynecologists…”, before quoting his own gynecologist who had made him a funny proposal. “You don’t want me to do your eyelids?”.

An unusual request that the rival of Marion Game was unable to refuse at the time. “I can’t say no, so I said yes. I didn’t need it at all. He redid my eyelids. But, for eight years, I slept with my eyes open. It was a drama“, she said, miming. “He had pulled my skin too much. He had taken too much of my skin and it was not his job”.

Not far from being “procedural”, Danièle Evenou did not pursue this clumsy gynecologist who disfigured her eyelids. However, she regrets today. “With my husband, with George, we spent months, days, looking for a doctor, until we realized that they were at a stage, where they were thinking of removing the skin behind me. the knee, because it is very, very thin, and put it on me as a hem”, at the level of his eyes.

Despite this operation, Danièle Evenou yielded, once again, to the scalpel by reshaping her lips. However, this attempt again ended in failure. “The mouth was a mistake,” she complained. Today, the actress no longer intends to make the same mistake again by exclaiming. “Leave me alone”.