Princess Märtha Louise, the 48-year-old daughter of Norway’s king Harald V and queen Sonja, has had a very active sex life. At least, that claims to be her friend, shaman Durek Verrett (44). “Sometimes we have three or four more times of sex per day”, said the man, in his own podcast.

In may of this year, clashed with the police in Norway. When it became known that princess Märtha Louise is in a relationship, it was started by Durek Verrett, the spiritual leader of the United States of america, which include Gwyneth Paltrow, Gerard Butler and his fans can count. “I have found my soul-mate found, for example, she told herself. The announcement caused a lot of controversy, when her father decided that her royal title is no longer allowed to use it. That the two of them, later, on a spiritual tour continued in Norway, under the slogan of ” The princess and the shaman didn’t.

“Hours, hold”

And now there’s once again a little oil on the fire, to ride. In his podcast, ‘the Ancient wisdom, today, has, her, friend, a book open on the sex of the two of them. During an interview with the lifestylegoeroe, Dave Asprey, says Verrett, suddenly: “Let’s talk sex”. Then, immediately declare that he has been training for his own orgasm to them. “In order to be a partner in the best sense of the word may be fulfilled.”

“Sometimes we have three or four more times of sex a day,” said Verrett on his relationship with his wife. “It will require always the same: are you going to come? I have to say, no, I’m going to you can have as many orgasms as you want. If you want to, I can have a few hours to do. For me, it doesn’t matter.”

Earlier this month, claimed to be the shaman, even though he women who have many sexual partners, had been able “to clean”. “As a women with a lot of people are going to bed, something happens to their vagina. That must be disposed . I am there to exercise it.” Statements, which is not so well-received…

in yet another controversy, in a few months ‘ time, the king’s daughter, who was previously married to controversial author Ari Behn.

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