A famous manga adapted on the small screen. Appeared in the 1980s, Cat’s Eye was born from the pen of Japanese author Tsukasa Hōjō, which has sold several volumes around the world. At the same time, the work was adapted into an animated series, broadcast on television, which follows the adventures of the three sisters Sylia, Tamara and Alexia Chamade.

Forty years after their debut, the trio of heroines arrive in an event series in live action. After the revelations of the Ouest-France newspaper published the day before, TF1 announced on Wednesday June 28 the launch of its fiction project, with the participation of the Prime Video platform. For this fiction, the channel has chosen three essential stars of the small screen.

In the cast of Cat’s Eyes, we will find Constance Labbé (Sylia), Camille Lou (Tamara) and Claire Romain (Alexia). “These are three talents on which we bet a lot and which will be a fairly explosive trio. We wanted to have them embodied by young actresses, as in the basic work”, declared the channel to journalist Anaïs Berno for Ouest -France. Especially since these three actresses are well known to TF1 viewers.

Previously, actress Constance Labbé was Tomer Sisley’s sidekick in Balthazar until the series ended in February 2023. Actress Camille Lou played Hugo Becker’s wife in I promise you, arrested last March. Finally, the youngest Claire Romain is one of the students of the Auguste Armand Institute in Here it all begins.

On the production side, the Cat’s Eyes project was entrusted to director Alexandre Laurent, to whom we owe Les Combattantes (broadcast on TF1 and Netflix in 2022). While the production is in the hands of BIG BAND STORY (Benjamin Dupont-Jubien and Mehdi Sabbar), in co-production with the channel. What will be the plot of this “revival” 2.0 of the Japanese manga?

“The series goes back to the origin of the Cat’s Eyes and retraces the adventures of the three Chamade sisters when they have to improvise burglars in the most beautiful and secure monuments of Paris”, we learn in the press release relayed by TF1. “In 2023, in the City of Light, Alexia, Tam and Sylia reunite after years of separation. At the same time, a work that belonged to their father who disappeared ten years earlier in the mysterious fire of his art gallery reappears during of a prestigious exhibition at the Eiffel Tower”.

In this high-risk mission, the Chamade sisters will unite to get their hands on this precious object in order to understand what happened to their father. But they will be chased by Quentin Chapuis, a captain of the BRB, responsible for arresting these new thieves who keep escaping him. “But he does not know that among them hides his great lifelong love, Tam…”, reveals the synopsis.

According to information from TF1, filming will begin in the fall of 2023. A fiction divided into eight 52-minute episodes, which should keep fans of adventure and action in suspense. For the broadcast date, it remains unknown at present.