Tous Inconnus, Le Grand Restaurant… Why don’t these remakes make the public laugh?


Is the success still there? This November 14, Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus were on the screen for the fiction Tous Inconnus broadcast on TF1. The opportunity to return to the front of the stage with a new plot: a world where the Unknown would never have existed!

Beyond this story, this is an opportunity for the three comedians to give a second life to 19 famous sketches. From Turn households to Télémagouilles without forgetting the hits Auteuil Neuilly Passy or even Isabelle has blue eyes… Les Inconnus called on around sixty television stars (Chantal Ladesou, Jarry, Arnaud Ducret) to reincarnate these outstanding characters.

However, the bet was far from won. “Some, whom I spoke to on the phone, told me that they were very afraid, that they were sponsored by Pampers”, confided Pascal Légitimus with humor for 20 Minutes. If some celebrities (seduced by the project) were unable to free themselves because of their professional agenda, others did not dare to get wet in the face of such a challenge. “There are also some who refused, saying to themselves that they could not tackle this, that it was too much of a headache”, assured producer Anna Marcassus to our colleagues.

Despite this obstacle, have the fans of the Unknowns responded to their post? According to the audiences revealed by Médiamétrie, the evening event brought together 3,878,000 viewers on TF1, ranking second behind the finale of Love is in the meadow on M6. A success that has not been spared criticism from some viewers.

On social networks, the broadcast of All Unknown has divided internet users. Between two sketches and several pages of advertising, some did not fail to make their opinion known. “There’s the good and the bad remake…”, “I think we’re going to witness the biggest audiovisual disaster of the last three decades… And yet I want to believe it”, “This show is just to show one thing: the Unknowns are irreplaceable!”, remarked the latter on Twitter.

Previously, comedians tried their hand at remakes with new artists. For better and for worse (or laughter) according to some fans. Back in pictures.

In 2010, Pierre Palmade invited a VIP clientele to Le Grand Restaurant broadcast on France 2. Taking on the role of director, the comedian staged several stars in the sketches of this television show. After having welcomed nearly 4.9 million curious people at the opening episode, the second part suffered a loss of one million viewers in April 2011.

Not far from being discouraged, Pierre Palmade offered a third part of his program Le Grand Restaurant: Réouverture après travaux, broadcast this time on M6 on February 3, 2021. Ten years later, it was during a pandemic that the comedian wanted to make viewers smile again. But only 3,048,000 million customers responded while the channel ranked third in audiences according to Médiamétrie, behind France 2 and TF1.

On social networks, the public expressed themselves in comments on the fiction of Pierre Palmade. “I’m still waiting for my first grin to arrive”, “The 1st

In December 2020, Muriel Robin offered her fiction to combat the boredom of confinement with I Love You Coiffure on TF1. The idea for the TV movie? “The cross portrait of twin sisters who are opposites and who are fighting over custody of their mother: Liliane, owner of a modest hairdressing salon in the provinces for which she has devoted her life and Maud who has founded a family in Paris where she lives the high life with her husband and two children,” the synopsis read.

The prime event was also an opportunity for Muriel Robin to revisit her greatest sketches with other stars of the small screen (like Tous des Inconnus). Verdict: if the public seemed conquered in appearance, with 6.37 million viewers according to Médiamétrie, more than 2.7 million curious people deserted their post in the second part of the evening.

Side social networks, Internet users have not made a gift to the issuance of the comedian. Some even compared the program yesterday with that of the Unknowns. “I’m ready to pay the bill so that this indigestible fiction ends quickly”, “Okay, I’m going to stop on this distressing false connection “croissant – cup of coffee – croissant” and return to Netflix”, “Even if it is very embarrassing

If it is in the old reels that the best fiction is made, the recipe is no longer to the liking of some viewers. However, the nostalgia of some fans allows these comedians to remain in the hearts of the French today.