Nearly 9 million households will receive a transfer from the tax authorities on Monday January 16, 2023, labeled “ADVANCE CREDIMPOT”. This is the advance of tax reductions and credits paid to eligible taxpayers. According to the official website of the Ministry of the Economy, the payment corresponds to “60% of the total amount of the tax reductions and credits concerned, declared in the spring of 2022 for expenditure incurred in 2021”.

To consult the said amount, estimated at 624 euros on average per household, simply refer to the latest income tax notice. Are you concerned? In our slideshow below, discover the details of the tax credits and reductions that give rise to an advance from the tax authorities.

Taxpayers do not have to take the slightest step to receive this transfer. It will be made directly to the bank account affiliated with your private space on the website under the heading “Manage my direct debit at source”. You have not provided your bank details? Rest assured: this is the case for nearly 221,000 tax households. You will receive this advance in the form of a check in a letter sent by mail by the end of January.

What will be the consequences of this payment on the calculation of your tax in the summer of 2023? If the amount of this advance turns out to be less than the amount of your entitlements for 2022 expenses, you will receive a new payment this summer. On the other hand, if the amount is more than what you should have been entitled to, you will have to repay the overpayment.