In place since December 2022, the “repair bonus” system allows many French people to save money, but not only. They are also encouraged to turn to authorized repairers to repair their poor or defective devices. And yet, even if some lend themselves to the game, the aid struggles to convince many potential beneficiaries.

In order to remedy this, the Secretary of State for Ecology, Bérengère Couillard announced on April 20, that the bonus would first be doubled and then improved, starting on July 1. In addition, the number of QualiRépar certified repairers should be increased.

QualiRépar already has many partners, as confirmed by Capital: “480 companies representing more than 1,200 repair sites”. Among the brands already involved are Boulanger and Leclerc, which were the first to join the movement and to be labeled later. In other words, if one of your household appliances (vacuum cleaner, food processor, electric scooter, etc.) fails you, all you have to do is go to one of the after-sales services of these two brands.

On the other hand, the Darty Fnac group continues to be opposed to an association. The brand already has a repair subscription and does not see itself changing its policy for the repair bonus: “to integrate our responsible customers who have subscribed to our Darty Max subscription or to an extended warranty, we have requested a revision of the scope of the repair fund”, as the group explained last April. Without forgetting that thanks to this subscription, the brand is building up a strategy of sustainable development – substantial financial. In terms of figures, the subscription offered by the group would allow a “change in the economic model of Fnac Darty”, which has 16 times more members than the government program (more than 800,000 customers compared to 50,000 for the repair bonus ).

While Fnac Darty indicates its non-commitment according to reasons “of application of the scope of repair”, the Boulanger brand invokes other reasons. Indeed, according to David Tourquetil, service and circular economy director for Boulanger, a “scarcity of technical resources” has been observed, even if it is “a wonderful job, with a very satisfactory relationship with customers”, as he confides. for Le Figaro. He also pleads for “a device which would rather remunerate the repairer in order to support this profession”.

In the hope of a turnaround in their decision to join the measure or not, Darty Fnac or Boulanger customers are currently deprived of bonuses until at least the middle of summer. Especially since the steps to get the precious sesame can last between six and eight weeks.