It is using your identifiers that some people manage to hack your loyalty account. Indeed, no need to be a computer professional to create a fake web page, because tutorials to achieve this are freely and freely available on the Internet. This poses no problem when the intentions are good (creating a web page for one’s micro-enterprise, for example), but some people have illegal motivations.

This is the case of some hackers who will create a page that looks very similar to that of a sign, then send you an SMS or an email asking you to connect with your identifiers.

The signs will almost never ask you that, which is why if you receive a text or an email from a supermarket, you must not click. Instead, go directly to the merchant’s site to see if the notification was real.

Subsequently, hackers will sell your credentials on the dark net for a price at least equivalent to 25% of the amount available in your loyalty account.

Several hundred cases like this have been identified according to the cooperative System U, which says it takes this very seriously and has taken additional protection to protect its customers. The brand also undertakes to reimburse consumers who have suffered fraud, while there is no obligation for stores to compensate you for this type of damage. Indeed, if this happens to you, we advise you to go directly to file a complaint in addition to reporting to the store.