House for sale: 5 questions you have about the M6 ​​program


A happy event to celebrate for Stéphane Plaza. 15 years after the first broadcast of House for sale on M6, the famous real estate agent presents his 100th issue on January 6, 2023. On this occasion, the favorite ex-host of the French – dethroned by Jean-Luc Reichmann – is surrounded by his best team of decorators.

Since 2007, animator Stéphane Plaza has welcomed several architects and decorators who have lent a hand to candidates to renovate their house to be put up for sale. Like Sophie Ferjani, his first sidekick present since the first season. The duo was then joined the following year by Aurélie Hémar, then Emmanuelle Rivassoux in 2014. Seven years later, it was Carole Carat, sister of actress Fabienne Carat, and recently Stéphanie Catanzano who joined their ranks.

On the menu of the special tonight: “For the first time since 100 shows, and 200 properties for sale, Stéphane Plaza and his team will take the time to reflect on the greatest moments of this incredible real estate and human adventure” , says the synopsis. However, the great friend of Karine Le Marchand does not lose sight of the objective of the program by helping new candidates and owners to do work in their homes.

Without forgetting the arrival of some surprise guests on the set: like Lisa Dann, singer and ex-finalist of La France has an incredible talent, or her friend and member of the Big Heads, Steevy Boulay. While waiting to discover the 100th number of House for sale, do you think you know everything about Stéphane Plaza’s show? Works, costs and renovations, here are questions that some of you may have about the M6 ​​program. Answers in the slideshow.