If Carrefour is not the leader in France in terms of mass consumption (the place goes to Leclerc), the brand remains dear to the French… But not only. Carrefour is now present in more than 30 countries, even if it achieves a large part of its astronomical turnover (nearly 80.7 billion euros in 2019), in France.

It must be said that the brand is very present in the territory, with nearly 5,000 points of sale spread over the territory. The average travel time between any Carrefour store and a home in France would thus be only 8 minutes, specifies the brand’s website.

But like all supermarkets, Carrefour must implement product recall procedures on a regular basis. At the moment, about ten objects and foods are concerned.

Discover in our slideshow the list of what you should bring back to your Carrefour store without delay.

Most often, products are recalled in stores because checks have revealed the presence of bacteria dangerous to health, such as Salmonella or Listeria monocytogenes. This is particularly the case, very often, for cheeses, meat and fish, which are more likely to be contaminated by these bacteria of animal origin.

But sometimes, the subject of a recall procedure is quite different: bad labelling, incorrect minimum durability date, presence of foreign bodies (glass, metal) or too much pesticide…

In any case, if a product you have recently purchased is subject to a recall, do not consume it! Bring it back to the store as soon as possible: in most cases, you will receive a refund.