La Française des Jeux is responsible for all money games allowing you to win a sum after investing a bet. This public limited company was created in 1976 following the foundation of the National Loto the same year. This group is the only lottery operator in France.

Among the games offered, scratch cards are particularly popular. Between one and ten euros, they would be a way to earn some money by betting a small amount. But, is that really the case?

A survey published by Française Des Jeux examines the question of the chances of winning in a scratch game. “In reality, there is no game with which you win more than another! Each game is different, both in terms of its price and the panel of winnings offered. It all depends on the bet you want put and the prize you want to try to win” can we read in the study “Scratch Games: The Odds of Winning”. Nevertheless, in other countries, many players also rely on rituals before playing.

Depending on the country, certain lucky charms become essential to try your luck at scratch games. Thus, in China, the color red must bring good luck. Players therefore equip themselves with an accessory or clothing of this color to put the odds on their side. But it is not the only country that has an accessory or an object to win these games.

Indeed, the Inside Basket site informs us that in India, the inhabitants play mainly on Tuesday and Friday, considered as lucky days. In the United States, some players borrow a coin. Among our neighbors across the Channel, the little horseshoe is very popular for gambling. Other players rather perform lucky gestures before each game. This is the case of Finland, where it is necessary to tap the table before starting. In France, it is important not to cross your legs.

Finally, Italian players rather consider that a series of bad luck is the sign of a victory. Whatever the country, all means are good to try to win a large sum. Nevertheless, we remind you that it is necessary to play in moderation.